New games of 2021: all the upcoming PC games to watch for

 The year is half over already but there are still so many new 2021 games to look forward to from July through December. The beginning of 2021 initially felt a little quiet, but that gave us a chance to pay attention to a few unexpected hits like Valheim and Loop Hero. Now that the summer has begun and E3 announcements are freshly behind us, we're starting to look forward to some of the biggest launches yet to come in 2021

Some of the biggest games of 2021 got delayed from earlier in the year to this autumn and holiday season, which isn't as disappointing now that we're so much closer to that point in the year. More of the biggest new 2021 games are just around the corner. Again.


The biggest new games of 2021 are also launching on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, which means developers have more power at their disposal while designing them. The PC versions will hopefully benefit as well. 

Covid-19 caused some games to be delayed from 2020 to 2021, but it's making an even bigger impact this year. Expect more as the year goes on and developers continue working from home. As we did last year, we'll keep this list of the games of 2021 updated with new release dates and delay announcements. And on the bright side, for every game that gets delayed, something new and exciting pops up too. PC gaming is never boring.

This is your big guide to the games to watch in 2021, which we've organized by month to help you look ahead. At the top we've highlighted the biggest and most anticipated games launching this year. At the bottom are 2021 games with release dates "TBA"—things that should be (or we hope will be) arriving this year—but haven't yet committed to a release date.